Root anchoring

Root posts :

Micro-posts of 0.3 mm for coronal-radicular reconstructions.

Non-invasive, anatomical, RCR reinforced.

Double tapered posts in 4 sizes.

Assorted reamers, easily adaptable to the natural shape of root canals

Basic taper fiber posts in 6 sizes. Affordable, assorted reamers, easily adaptable to the simplest root shapes.


Securing the impression transfers

Securing the implant transfers.
Easy impressions for an implant model.
High-precision, no verification key required.

Splint and bridge

A range of fiber products for the production of dental splints and bonded bridges at chairside.

Tridimensional infrastructure fabrication for PMMA-based trans-screwed dentures.

Quick, very solid, easy to use, cantilever possibility.

Provisional frameworks

Fiber frameworks for the reconstitution of provisionals on average / long term

Pre-impregnated fiber reinforcement for the production of single crown and bridge reinforcements.

Metal-free, translucent, can be used with all reconstructive composites.

Personal protective equipment

Confortable FFP2 mask !

The masks stand out through their comfort and their breathability. Incorporating an anatomical nosepiece and “velvety” like earloops, they are equipped with a triple structure, therefore ensuring a high-performance filtering.