Bioctris dental practice

The line of pre-impregnated fiber light curable reinforcements is intended for the production of:

  • Single crown frameworks
  • Homothetic bridges and single crown cusp support

Easy to use while being

  • Aesthetic
  • Functional
  • Metal-free
  • Protocol
  • Technical Data
  • References
  • Documents/Bibliography
Single crown protocol
Anterior bridge protocol
3 elements inlay bridge protocol

For more information

1 box of 16 Bioctris Frame
  • 40 mm x 25 mm
1 box of 16 Bioctris Single
  •  24 mm
1 box for 4 Bioctris Pontic
  • 150 mm
World Journal of Orthodontics (EN)
Bis-GMA article
Safety data sheet

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